I always believe Japanese script writers are the most creative ones! Today I want to recommend 7 Japanese TV dramas about love in 2015 and 2016. Each of them show a special type of love experience.

1. Fall in love with a MONK?!

From five to nine(5じから9じまで)


Ever dreamed of falling in love with a handsome, rich gentleman? You always can if you are in a TV drama, but this time, he is a monk!

This love story is a typical one, with good-looking characters, fancy costumes, and triangle-relationship. Although the Mr.Right is a monk, but he is just like any other Prince Charming. This show is adapted from comics. Even though it received some negative critics for being “too typical”, it is still popular in Japan and China.

2. They may be the couple who know the least about love…

Date: What’s it like to be in love?(デート〜恋とはどんなものかしら〜)


What is LOVE? Many of you must have asked this question. If you ask me, well, I don’t know either…

If the first recommendation is a bit unrealistic, this one will show you the challenges in real life relationships. What type are you? Serious and boring like the girl? Or weak and dependent like the boy? Maybe not that extreme, but some characteristics in ourselves make it hard for us to keep a relationship.

The story may not have told us the key in love, but it tells another truth: love is not only about happiness, but more about facing hardships together.

3. Can a useless girl be in love?

Please Love the Useless Me(ダメな私に恋してください)


YOU ARE USELESS! Never mind if someone say this to you, because you are going to meet true love soon…

The heroin is a to-be-30 girl who just lost her job and gave all her money to a cheating boyfriend. She feels hopeless and thinks she is a useless girl. But fortune changes. She meet her former manager in a cafe, and got a new job. And of course, she got two handsome men who care for her and want her love.

So, if you feel you are useless, don’t worry. As long as you keep hopeful and energetic, you can get job and true love, em… if you are pretty.

4.Prepare tissue paper for this one

Love That Makes You Cry(いつかこの恋を思い出してきっと泣いてしまう)


The real life love story. Hardships, challenges… Can love beat the fate?

OK, I am showing you something not that happy. This drama might be the saddest Japanese drama series of 2016, 90% of the viewers say they cried (well I make this number up, just ignore it).

The hero is not handsome or rich; the heroin is not beautiful and lucky. This drama focuses on the life and love of common people, or say, the walking class.

5. Science Fiction? No, love story!

Never Let Me Go(わたしを離さないで)


Human beings always have problems with relationships, but you have those problems too even if you are not human…

This TV drama is adapted from a Japanese-British writer’s novel with the same name and had a British version of film. It looks like a science fiction about clone people, but in the heart it’s a triangle love story with hate and jealousy.

6. The Japanese Gone Girl

My Dangerous Wife(僕のヤバイ妻)


Ever watched the Gone girl? This show is not merely a Japanese version, it shows what happens after the kidnapping…

The husband is having an affair and plans to kill his wife. But when he came back home with the poisonous wine, his wife was nowhere to be found.

This show is quite exciting and every episode has a twisting! You will definitely like it if you are a thriller fan.

7. Revenge-I and the SON of my “best” friend

A Saga’s Love(賢者の愛)


My “best” friend married my boyfriend, so what do I do? Well, her son is cute…

This is one of the most discussed Japanese drama this summer. The heroin is beautiful and smart, but the “best friend” of her, who titled her self as the best friend, robbed everything from the heroin-her toys, her jewelry, her boyfriend, and even her father!

So the heroin is going to take a revenge, she named the son of her friend with her ex-boyfriend, and raised him up to be an ideal dating partner…

The values of the characters in the show are very controversial, as well as the sexual scene between the 40-year old woman and the 20-year old boy. If you are interested in this kind of topic, you may find it exciting.

All these TV dramas are quite different and exciting! I hope you like it. If you don’t like it, well, not my fault…

To watch these dramas, you can just go to Youtube or Drama Q for English or Chinese subtitles.