The  Hong Kong Pride Parade 2016 took place on Nov 27, from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to Edinburgh Place in Central.

People in green are gathering at Victoria Park

The theme of the year is “Get Set, Go for Equal rights 平權開綠燈-衝破關卡 我要表態”. The theme color is green, one of the colors of rainbow which represents LGBT group. So you can see a dragon of green and rainbow color wining up through the busiest district of Hong Kong.

Various social groups as well as individuals took part in the Parade. The university representatives walked in the front, including Students from the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University and so on.

There are many sponsors of this event, varying from major banks in Hong Kong, to local gay bars. Some social groups with other aims also supported the parade. For example, a group speaking for migrant workers in Hong Kong also participated.

One of the most exciting thing is that many LGBT people or supporters from Mainland China also appeared in the parade. Among them are parents of LGBT kids. They were holding colorful boards saying “Bring your boyfriend home this year, my son”, or “My gay kids, we love you”.

Participants from Mainland China. One board says: I love my daughter, and her girlfriend


In Mainland China, being homosexual is a very sensitive topic. You rarely see coverage of any related events in mainstream media. Most mainland homosexual people never come out to their family. However, now we can see more and more mainland people, especially parents of the older generations, are gaining the awareness of equal rights for people with all sexual orientations.

Although the weather yesterday was not friendly. Everyone got wet in the cold rain. But the flags were even brighter in the rain. After the storm, we look forward to the rainbow.