Welcome to the series [Movie on mental health]. Here I will share some of the movies about mental health, that I found interesting. They are not only about mental diseases such as schizophrenia, but more about the problems that everyone might face in real life.

The two posts before were both, to some extent, about mental diseases. Swiss army man and Lars and the real girl are similar in that the main characters both had problem building up relationship and had delusion. But in the movie that I’m going to share today, the main character didn’t have any mental illness. But he wanted to kill himself.

The movie name A Man Called Ove is quite straightforward. The movie is about an old man called Ove. Being the townhouse neighborhood’s sullenunkind, Ove was old-fashioned, unkind, and mean. Ove thought he was hated by all his neighbors, and got tired of his life after his beloved wife passed away, so he decided to kill himself.

Ove talking to his late wife©thedailybeast.com

If Ove successfully killed himself, then this movie would be no more than 20 minutes. When the main character is dying, there are always some accidents to interrupt the suicide. This is the golden rule of movie.

Every time Ove tried to kill himself, one of his neighbors caused some trouble. Ove could not bear seeing them make a mess, so he had to stop kill himself (sounds funny), and help his neighbors.

You ask what’s the end of the movie? Of course Ove did not really kill himself. He realized his value to this community and his neighbors, and he also built a special friendship with the new neighbor Parvaneh.

Why did Ove want to die? There are probably multiple reasons. The death of his wife left him alone. What’s more, the harsh relationship with neighbors made him thought no one needed him anymore.

But what saved Ove? It was exactly the neighbors! Ove realized he was needed by his neighbors, and felt a sense of belonging to a community.

If you have read my post on how to lead a happy elderly life, you would know how important it is for an solitary elderly person to feel he or she is useful. Retirement crisis is common in most seniors as they felt they lose their value.

So, if in your community, there are elderly just like Ove, don’t hate them. Please tell them, you need them!