Welcome to the series [Movie on mental health]. Here I will share some of the movies about mental health, that I found interesting. They are not only about mental diseases such as schizophrenia, but more about the problems that everyone might face in real life.

Last time we talked about the mental welfare for elderly people, this time, I want to share with you a Polish movie that I watched when I was in high school-Suicide Room.

The first part of this movie is about campus bully. It seems to be a stereotype that the victims of school bully are always those unattractive and unpopular. But in this movie, the hero Dominik, was a beautiful and rich boy, who were supposed to be the campus star.

It started with a party, where Dominik kissed another popular boy Aleksander for the amusement of some friends. Back to school, the interaction with Aleksander caused physiological response in Dominik. Then the rumors spread that Dominik was homosexual. Unable to bear the teasing and prejudice from schoolmates, Dominik hid in his bedroom and withdrew from the society.

On the internet he found a website called suicide room, in which many teenagers like him were hiding from the outside world. The chair of suicide room was Sylwia, a suicidal girl with pink hair, who cut herself and uploaded the self-harming video online.

The movie applied a special mix of real life shooting and Avatars in the virtual suicide room. The plots were extremely delicate and exquisite. The movie is smooth, with all the details of the emotion and thoughts of desperate teenagers.

Avatars of Dominik and Sylwia©fanpop.com

Dominik was a tragedy. He was born in a wealthy family, but didn’t feel any love from his parents. They only wanted a well-behaved son, who can marry the daughter of the business partner. He was handsome and pretty, but his classmates spread rumors of him being a gay. Actually there is nothing wrong even if he was really a gay. Even though he thought Sylwia was a confident, she only wanted him to get the pills.

Teenager suicide is a boosting social issue all over the world. The to-be adults are facing multiple pressure and threats. Teenagers are vulnerable.Physical and psychological harm can both lead to a tragic decision of ending the miserable life.

Suicide data by age in Hong Kong©csrp.hku.hk

Is suicide room really a place where teenagers who want to die gather? They might just want attention and safety.

It’s the suicide of the generation.